Ryan Reynolds is not missing male friends during the quarantine days

As of almost the entire world, Ryan Reynold is also under lockdown. He along with his family is maintaining social distancing to put breaks on spread of COVID-19. Meanwhile, Ryan has made fun of his quarantine days through a video chat. Ryan is in quarantine along his wife and daughters. Ryan jokingly said during the video chat that he is moreover drinking during these days of lockdown. However, he further added that he is lucky to have his small garden. They are gaining knowledge about gardening during these days. According to him, he and his family are taking this as an experience. In the end, he jokingly said that he is moreover drinking during these lockdown days.
About being the only male:
To the answer of how it feels to be the lone male in the house, Ryan said that he is not missing his male friends. He further said that he like doing things what mostly the girls do. Ryan also revealed about making a wearable of tissue paper that was extremely amusing for him. Along with entire family, he is exploring new skills. It is here to mention that Ryan and his wife have combining donated a whooping amount of one million dollar. They have donated the amounts for food storages.

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