Sharon Stone Says She’s Done With Dating

The actress appeared on Wednesday’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show and revealed why she is no longer dating and would rather spend her time with family and friends.

“I’m done dating, I’ve had it with dating,” Stone told Barrymore. “I just find people to be insincere and not worth my time. I enjoy my alone time and time with my kids and my friends more.”

“I feel like I don’t need another kid,” the star said, making Barrymore laugh. “I don’t want any insincerity and bologna and game playing.”

The Basic Instinct actress further revealed that a major factor in her decision not to date is that she feels men and women aren’t “at the same place right now.”

“I have really good men friends but I just feel when it comes to emotional maturity in relationships that men and women are seemingly in different spots,” the 62-year-old explained.

Barrymore in response, asked Stone if she raises her sons Quinn, Laird Vonne, and Roan, with this in mind and if she challenges them to be “an equal to women if not raising the stakes.”

“Yes, they’ll come into my room the three of them together and they’ll start up some kind of guy conversation and I’ll be standing there and they’ll go, ‘We shouldn’t be doing this in front of mom,’ ” Stone said. “And I say, ‘You shouldn’t be doing this in front of each other. Let’s talk about it, why are we having this conversation anyway?’”

Stone mentioned that her hope is that by speaking to her sons about these topics they will be “successful in their future and get the things they want in their life” such as “happy, healthy relationships, success in business and just joy in their life.”

“So here’s my boyfriend,” Stone mocked, holding up her dog Bandit to the camera.

“And here’s my boyfriend,” Barrymore said, doing the same with her dog Douglas. “Apparently we both like hairy men, so that’s good.”

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