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Fugro signs an SFA deal with dCarbonX to facilitate decarbonization exploration at sea

Dutch geo-data giant, Fugro, has announced its partnership with dCarbonX, a geo-energy company, to work towards better ways of producing wind-energy on offshore turbines in Ireland and the United Kingdom. The firm, which has branches in about sixty-five countries globally, serves clients in the energy and infrastructure sector, such as oil and gas projects, green energy, and maritime services.

According to a press statement by the company, headquartered in Leidschendam, the two signed a strategic framework agreement (SFA) for decarbonization exploration programs to back the development of wind energy.

With extensive consultancy experience, Furqo will utilize its geo-data acquisition, review, and advice to guide dCarbonX to characterize sites and help them make important development decisions.

Fugro’s consultancy services in the agreement include in-depth desktop studies to de-risk ground conditions, suggesting surveys that need to be done, recommending grounding investigation data required, and leading site investigations campaigns. These studies include geo-chemical, water depths, geophysical and technical surveys.

“We are excited to work with dCarbonX and use our combined expertise to explore decarbonization opportunities. Fugro is deeply committed to accelerating the energy transition by developing geo-energy resources such as carbon capture and storage (CCS), hydrogen storage, and geothermal energy, which have the potential to transform the way we live and interact with the planet,” said Laura Hughes, Fugro Country Director in the UK. The two firms will work together to monitor methods to ensure the safe performance of operations. They will also ensure the project is efficient and eco-friendly as it progresses.

dCarbonX explores the oceans for subsurface assets to enable consumers to shift from fossil fuel to cleaner energy. This agreement comes barely a month after dCarbonX signed another decarbonization exploration deal with Stena Drilling, a UK firm that supplies drilling rigs for oil and gas exploration.

Fugro’s involvement in clean energy is well known in the offshore wind infrastructure. The company designs and installs foundations and infrastructure for offshore wind projects to improve clients’ understanding of geological and technical risks for their project. They also offer expert advice and recommendations to help in decision-making from the early stages of the project.

dCarbonX is looking for subsurface assets that will help with the Energy Transition. dCarbonX uses its specific technological expertise as well as knowledge base, and its broad business, financial, commercial, as well as academic networks to define, co-venture, and advance these dispatchable baseloads assets, whether it’s a renewable generation producer in need of energy storage, a plant or process in need of geothermal energy, or an industrial enterprise in need of permanent carbon sequestration ability.

Crucially, all of the principles have been proven. By concentrating on transformational and new ventures, dCarbonX can decrease legacy liabilities from the old wells, facilities, and infrastructure. The value realization model of dCarbonX will be realized by constructing a large portfolio at a low cost, managing project maturation via cost as well as risk-sharing, and eventually monetizing assets through swaps, asset sales, royalty arrangements, technology licensing fees, as well as carbon trading.