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Leaf Space, based in Italy, will open a branch in the United States

Leaf Space, one of the top suppliers of ground segment as-a-service (GSaaS) solutions, confirmed its expansion into the United States today. Leaf Space is extending its activities to the United States to serve better current customers such as Kepler Communications, Kleos Space, Momentus, and Swarm and bring its groundbreaking GSaaS technologies to an increasing segment of satellite as well as launch vehicle operators. Leaf Space is now expanding the current facilities to include additional ground stations, enhancing the company’s capacity to provide consumers with highest-quality ground station offerings at reduced prices. Leaf Space, based in Italy, allows satellite as well as launch vehicle operators to leverage space data fully.

Over 15 clients, like Astrocast, D-Orbit, as well as the European Space Agency (ESA) have collaborated with the organization to improve the accuracy and efficiency of critical data while reducing prices and reducing latency. “There is a clear appetite for U.S. satellite and launch vehicle operators to simplify, outsource, and optimize the benefit from land services,” stated Jai Dialani, who works as the Head of United States Business Development as well as M.D. of Leaf Space in the United States.

“Leaf Space is ideally placed to deliver expert-level GSaaS solutions based on years of practice with high-profile customers abroad while being agile enough to give customers versatile systems that satisfy their diverse market needs and project specifications at scale,” Dialani said.

For forward-thinking satellite as well as launch vehicle providers across the globe, Leaf Space invented the idea of GSaaS. Kleos Space, which is a Colorado-centered RF intelligence firm, also uses GSaaS technologies to ensure secure and effective connectivity with their satellite structures in orbit.

“We’ve been collaborating with Leaf Space on our land section activities for over a year, and the experience they have is significant to us,” said Kleos CEO Andrew Bowyer. “Because of Leaf Space’s GSaaS versatility and dedication to collaboration, we were able to provide a solution that met our specific requirements. We are ecstatic to see Leaf Space expand into the US market and applaud them on this significant achievement.”

Leaf Space already provides GSaaS technologies for satellite as well as launch vehicle operators over the entire lifecycle of satellite or even launch vehicle’s activities, including launch as well as early operations (LEOP) via continuing project operations and decommissioning of space asset. Leaf Space offers various services, including Leaf Line, a professionally operated, multi-mission, and scalable ground segment operation; Leaf Key, a specialized ground station control service for medium-large constellations; and also launch vehicle monitoring as-a-service.

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